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My name is Joan.  I am 47 years old and a breast cancer survivor.  Since I was a young teenager, I can remember daydreaming about being a writer, like Danielle Steele.  I want the opportunity to share my writing expeience with others. I feel I have a gift.  I have been told I am very talented.  I would like to blieve that is true.  By clicking on any of the links below you can read my short-stories, full-length novels, and my poetry.  You can feel free to comment on my stories, or even submit your own story for others like you to read.  I hope you find my stories enlightening and entertaining.  My goal is to touch your heart-strings, by creating credible characters.  Characters that you can relate to and fall in love with, or even despise.  I want you to feel the anger, the tragedy, and the joy that my characters portray in each story.  Some of my favorite authors are Danielle Steel, Lori Wick, Steve Martinin and John Grisham.  You may also make a request to receive notifications when stories are updated.  

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